NYC Day 2

We started our day trying out the subway. Andy, AS always, knew just what to do. I’m so thankful for his navigating skills. We rode to Brooklyn Heights where we met a friend of Andy’s. It was so nice because he walked us around a little and then took us to a great pizza place, called Grimaldi’s.Jennica was super excited for pizza! I was surprised how much calmer and more “normal” Brooklyn seemed compared to Manhattan.

Then, Carson was excited to find a geocache!

Next, we walked across the Brooklyn bridge. This was one of the highlights of the trip for all of us for sure. God gave us beautiful weather (sunny and about 60).

Next, we walked to the One World Trade Center. We went up to the 102 floor and experienced an incredible view. Carson is excited to be able to say that he was in the tallest building in the US!

We saw several other highlights AS we walked around…911 memorial, Wall Street/ New York Stock Exchange, the Charging Bull and more.

After all of that walking, we ate at Olive Garden and then hit the M&M store. It was so fun!

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