Hershey and Philadelphia, PA

Today was another good day. No rain, which was a little blessing from God. First, we ate breakfast in Hershey, PA. We chose a place based on a recommendation from a friend of Patty’s and it was fabulous! It was called the Hershey Pantry. I had their famous baked oatmeal and also pictured is Carson with his yummy meal. Jennica’s cinnamon roll was AS big AS her plate (sorry no pic of that).

Next, we had to visit the Hershey store, of course. We chose not to do any of the attractions because of time, but we found the store to be quite fun all by itself. Nothing like spending $70 on candy. 🤔 oops!

Then, we headed to Philadelphia. It was a pretty cool city, we decided. We first went to the world’s first penitentiary (yep…the world’s first…not just the first in the US). Eastern State Penitentiary was something that Carson has seen on a TV show called “Mysteries of the Abandoned.” It was something that was recommended to us also because of where Andy works. It was really neat to see the inside and get a small glimpse of what Andy walks into every day.

Then, we headed to lunch, recommended by a local…it was yummy! I wanted a Philly cheesesteak sandwich while we were in Philly! We found a great one at Sonny’s and the kiddos had good food too.

While walking around we found the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center. Andy thought that was cool.

Next we saw some historic must-see places. Ben Franklin’s Grave, the Betsy Ross house, the Liberty bell, Independence Hall, the US Mint (you can watch them make coins- how fun!), plus many others…

Finally, we got to enter our 5th state to see thus far… New Jersey. Here, we met up with my sweet friend, Amanda Mapp. This girl and her sister will forever hold a piece of my heart (and they have ever since I baby-sat them over 20 years ago). I was so thankful to spend a little time with her. ❤️

It’s been a good trip so far. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for safety! God is good.

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