Spring Break with Tilda

Day one consisted of driving to Somerset, Pa. we went through Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and into Pennsylvania. It was a long day of driving! Day two we started at the Flight 93 memorial. It was somber but amazing. For Janine and I (Andy) it took us back to that dreadful day, September 11, 2001. We then drove a couple of hours to Gettysburg. It was amazing! We paid for a private tour in our own personal vehicle and our guide was so good! We highly recommend seeing Gettysburg this way!

We saw a house with a civil war mortar still in it.

And a house that has been hit by a cannon ball!

And a house where you can stick your fingers into bullet holes!

Our guide even took us to a covered bridge that was used by both confederate and union soldiers during the civil war.

We ended our Gettysburg trip with a great dinner at The Dobbins House. Built in 1776 and used for the Underground Railroad!

The kids got to swim, and we are ready for some rest!

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