The most difficult day. 

Today was the day we have all been dreading, the day we had to say “see you later” to our German family. Lena does not believe in goodbyes, when she left America three years ago, she would not say goodbye, but simply see you later.  Uncle Frank and Uli (Lena’s dad) both came from work to see us off at the train station. After a few tears and lumps in our throats, we parted ways.  Unfortunately the G20 summit was in Hamburg Today and they didn’t clear it with the Sutton’s Holiday (European for vacation) and our travels back to Switzerland started with another hiccup, as our first train was delayed for 40 minutes.  Frank offered to drive us to Hannover as he was headed there for work. I could get used to this autobahn thing!  We topped out around 230/km/h (143mph) and made great time! We connected on our second leg of our journey from Hannover to Basel.  We then thought we had clear sailing, until our train broke down 30 minutes south of Hannover. So we had to switch from the high speed train to a commuter train. We saw every station between Mannheim and Basel! We could not all sit together, and I had a lovely conversation with an older lady who lives in the Black Forest area. She then pointed out some mountains that she claimed were in France!  After arriving in Basel, we figured out the train ride to Aarau and got some lunch.  Unfortunately our trials only began at that point, as we left Basel and had only three stops to our destination. As we entered the first train station, a man decided to jump onto the tracks and laid down to take his own life. Before the train engineer could stop it was too late. Fortunately we did not feel, see, or hear anything other than the engineer’s attempt to stop the train quickly. Carson immediately wanted to pray for the families involved once we found out what had happened. He and Jennica are both struggling tonight with this traumatic experience. Please pray for both of them! We then were stuck in Switzerland with no clue What to do and without speaking the language.  Fortunately, God sent us Miriam. She is a lovely lady who figured out our strife and committed to making sure we made it to Bernadette’s house in Aarau. She interpreted for us, offered to pay for an UBER for us and ultimately got on two separate trains with us to get us to our destination! We told her she could just point us in the right direction but she stated no, her ambition was to get us to Aarou safely, and she did. We could not thank her enough! We ended the day at the festival Bernadette wanted to take us to and it was fun, and busy! We are thankful for God’s provisions and His care for us throughout this trip, especially today. Please also pray for safe travels tomorrow for us and for the Porter family as they travel to Chicago to come pick us up! We have so many pictures and memories to share when we catch up on some sleep! 

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  1. PS…. what wonderful people God put in your lives today!

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