Today, we slept in a little, then we had the famous “Anja pancakes,” which we call “Lena pancakes” when we’re at home in the U.S. Yum! 

 Next, the girls went shopping and the boys hung out at home. It was fun to experience a German mall and other little shops too. Andy and Carson watched a movie, rode bikes around the village, skipped rocks at the river, packed a little, and then met us for ice cream and to look at a nearby “dome,” which is a big beautiful church. It’s interesting that both families wanted to show us nearby churches…you can just walk in and out of them because they open them to the public during the day. We’ve seen lovely buildings with a lot of history, including this church in Verden. 

We ended the evening with another bike ride for the kids, some grilled bratwurst (which andy eats but not the rest of us), and a nice 65 degree evening on their terrace just visiting. Nice. 

Jennica found some chips she loves. Crazy girl bought two bags today at the store. Lol

Check out this before and after picture. A little has changed in three years, but not how much we love this girl (and now her family too!)  ❤️

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2 Responses to Shopping

  1. Shepherd says:

    Crusti Croc most like Grippos BBQ! Good stuff, good times-before and after! Pancakes best with Blackburn’s butter pecan syrup, always. Grand and nice Church. Godspeed

  2. Rachel says:

    Anna loves Paprika chips too! She gets them all the time in Poland!

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