This is Jennica, my phone is not posting right now so I am using my mom’s phone. 

Today Carson and I got up with Sarah and Lena to deliver newspapers. They’ve been doing it for over 6 years and we decided to go with them because we’ll probably never get to do it again. Then, we went to church with the family. It was a Lutheran church. Most of it was in German, but they were very welcoming and they even did part of the service in English for us. After that, Ulrich (Lena’s dad) took us on a ride on one of the village fire truck and it was really cool. Then, we played at the park and had some yummy bread made by Anja. We went to dinner at a Greek/Italian restaurant and of course I had to get pizza! All the food was really good. When we left the restaurant, Carson and I rode with Sarah and Lena. It was really fun because we listened to music and danced around. Definitely memories being made. When we got home, Carson, Lena and I took a bike ride around the village. It’s fun to hang out with our older sister. We had a great time. Finally, the Hopmann family dressed up for us in their traditional Bavarian outfits, which they usually only wear for celebrations. Thanks for your continued prayers. I’m excited to get back home to show you pictures and share stories.

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