Handball and bicycles

Today we got to sleep in. Of course I, Andy, woke up at 7:30am and got to spend a couple of hours visiting with Lena’s parents. Thank goodness for Google Translate!  Lena braided Jennica’s hair, and then we went for a bicycle ride to the fire station, and to the local river locks. 

 We then came home and visited with Lena’s grandpa and Uncle and had dinner. The kids, Lena, Sarah, Lars, Jennica, Carson, and Kim then went to play Soccer and Handball. 

It was the day of rest we have all been needing, and the more time we spend together the more our families have come together. We hope someday they will come to visit us in America! 

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1 Response to Handball and bicycles

  1. It is so wonderful seeing how your two families have bonded! Such a blessing to have such a relationship! I hope too, that they will come to America! I would love to see Lena again and get to meet her awesome family! 🙂

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