Today, we went to Hamburg, Germany with Lena and her parents. We went to a place called Miniature Wonderland. They’ve spent more than 760,000 hours creating these little villages that highlight various countries around the world. We saw the US first…and carson was quite happy to see a covered bridge (it’s brown toward the top of the picture). 

It was really amazing to see the details put into these displays. 

They would dim the lights and create “night,” which was especially cool with certain cities. 

Pictured above was the mini model of a castle in Germany. It’s the one that Disney used as a model. We mentioned it in an earlier post because Bernadette took us there. How cool that we got to see the actual one in person! Many cool buildings! 

Lovely sites to see, despite the rain! 

Our sweet Lena! 

Lena’s family has made us feel very welcome. We feel like we’ve known each other for a long time and have already shared many laughs. Here we are next to the sign for their “village” with her parents. They are so great! 

Lena’s brother, Lars, and sister, Sarah, played with Jennica and Carson for a while. They are very fun too! It’s easy to see how Lena fit into our family so well…and how God has brought us all together through her. 

We plan to relax and rest a little tomorrow. We are looking forward to that! 😊

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