Ice Cream for Dinner?! 

We started the day off with going to Hellbrunn Palace and to its water games. Basically, the Arch Bishop (in the 1600’s: the ruler of the palace and city) he wanted to trick his friends and visitors by making trick fountains throughout the palace to spray them as they would walk by. Carson got soaked! Next we toured the castle and learned about the history. After that we climbed up a hill and saw this awesome stone theatre. It had a back stage and cool entrances to get onto the stage. On our way to the car we passed the pavilion used in the Sound of Music where they sing “Sixteen Going on Seventeen.” We went back to the house and had some great homemade pizza made by Monica. Next, Bernadette had a surprise for us which was going to a salt mine. It was really cool and there were fun slides to go down deeper into the cave. Next we went on a ski lift to get up a high mountain. (I sat by my mom and she was freaking out) Then, we rode on little carts all the way down the mountain. (I’m not going to lie, it was a little scary) But, Carson loved it!  Finally, we got some delicious ice cream for dinner. (My dad’s dish looked like spaghetti) When we got home we just visited with Sebastian because this is our last day in Austria. Thank you for all of the prayers! This has been an amazing trip so far! 

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