First day…

We were exhausted after the long plane ride (none of us could get comfortable enough to sleep much). Bernadette and her parents met us at the airport and we went to their home for short naps. They are being so kind! Then, we hiked up a small mountain (although here they just say, “we took a short walk up the hill.” Trust me, friends, it was mountain, especially when we were running short on sleep! Anyway, we got to the top and it was incredible. God creates such beautiful things! It was an overlook of Aarau (the town we’re staying in for 2 nights) and the nearby towns. The pics don’t really do it justice. We also had a picnic there! After that we spent a little time walking in “Old Town” Aarau and I really enjoyed the architecture. Carson and Jennica have been awesome through all of this running on short sleep…we are truly blessed with these two! When we tucked them in this evening, Carson said, “well, I’m getting ready to spend my first night in Europe! Really, mom, it’s a big deal for a 9 year old to be in Europe. I’m just a traveler, aren’t I?!” 😂 Tomorrow is our “BIG” day and last day in Switzerland. They plan to take us several places starting at 5:00 AM! Oh goodness! I’ve got to get to bed. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Love to you all from Europe (that sounds so cool doesn’t it!). 

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