Day 8

Tonight the plan of salvation was given and at least 1 camper accepted Christ as his Savior!!!! There were also several decisions made to commit to walk closer to Him daily. This is the only week some of there native kids will be out of their villages all year and they were given the Truth this week and shown the love of Jesus! I am so proud of our FBC team for the hard work and long hours they have out in! I also survived as a counselor and was able to make an impact on each of the four boys in my cabin. My prayer for the older ones is for them to find a church to attend and to grow on their faith and for the younger ones to take what they heard this week and be impacted by it. I will try to post pictures tomorrow back in Kodiak!

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1 Response to Day 8

  1. Regina says:

    Andy was a terrific counselor…God knows what he is doing!

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