Day 2

How could we top day 1? Yesterday was so amazing! We didn’t think it was possible, but today was….. AWESOME!!! We started with a private tour of the world’s biggest Coast Guard base, ate at a wonderful “local favorite” for lunch, and then toured Kodiak Island from Kodiak to Fossil Beach. Regina and I got to experience the Pacific Ocean for the first time, and saw some scenery that makes us wonder how people could ever doubt that God is who He says He is. Last night we found out more about next weeks camp, and I was moved from the kitchen detail to being a camp counselor… With that being said, please continue to pray for mighty things next week, and for me as my role has changed. Tomorrow we will be doing some sight seeing around Abercrombie state Park and we are going to attempt to climb Mt. Barometer. Did I mention that we saw Kodiak Bears today!!! A momma and two cubs!!! Check out some of the new pictures in the photos page!

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