Rockville to Kodiak to Woody Island

If you were wondering why the picture titled “From Indiana, To Alaska”…….. Andy is going with a five member team from the Rockville First Baptist Church to Kodiak, Alaska and then on to Woody Island, Alaska next month to serve as missionaries to the children of Alaska.  He will be posting pictures and updates from this amazing trip so the people who have assisted in making this trip a possibility, both spiritually and financially can see what they are supporting.  It is also a way for family and friends to see the amazing 49th state and more of God’s beautiful creation. 

If you are interested in following this journey, you can do so at

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2 Responses to Rockville to Kodiak to Woody Island

  1. regina says:

    I will follow your journey!!! LOL

  2. samara sheetz says:

    this is cool. look forward to the pics

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