On our way home

We had another day of mostly traveling. We left Niagara Falls early this morning after another peek this morning. We then drove 5 hours and surprised the kids with a visit with their cousin in Ohio.

After a campus tour and dinner, we were back on the road to the hotel. Tomorrow we have a few things planned on the way home, and we are all ready for our own beds!

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Niagara Falls

Today was a loooong day. We left this view… almost died

just kidding!

And saw amazing scenery on our 8 hour drive.

we ended the night in Niagara Falls NY. It is amazing every time we see it! our trip home continues tomorrow with a special stop along the way!

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Here is the view from our balcony.Today we went to Boston. It is a beautiful and very clean city. We started the day at EF (Education First) which is the company whom we use to select our exchange students. Their US headquarters are in Cambridge, and they gave us a tour.

Next we toured the USS Constitution. “Old Ironsides” is the oldest US ship still commissioned by the Navy. we then followed the Freedom Trail. There is too much to list, so you will have to do some homework!We also the ducks inspired by the book “Make way for ducklings ”

A random squirrel feeding. Followed by the mandatory Boston stop at Cheers!

A little Boston Tea Party fun!

And we finished the night with dinner with a cousin who lives near Boston. It was amazing!

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Sightseeing our way toward Boston

Today we left the Big Apple. We drove through Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. We saw the Vanderbilt mansions, in Newport, RI, and drove about half way out on Cape Cod. We then turned around and made our way to Hull, MA. On the way, we stopped at Plymouth Rock! We have a four bedroom house here and can all spread out a little bit. Tomorrow, Boston awaits!

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NYC Day 3

Today was another fun filled day exploring NYC. We went to the Empire State Building, Grand Central Terminal, the Chrysler Building, 5th Avenue, Central Park, ate delicious NY cheesecake, and ended the night on the Harbor Lights Tour. Our adventure continues tomorrow to the north and east.

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NYC Day 2

We started our day trying out the subway. Andy, AS always, knew just what to do. I’m so thankful for his navigating skills. We rode to Brooklyn Heights where we met a friend of Andy’s. It was so nice because he walked us around a little and then took us to a great pizza place, called Grimaldi’s.Jennica was super excited for pizza! I was surprised how much calmer and more “normal” Brooklyn seemed compared to Manhattan.

Then, Carson was excited to find a geocache!

Next, we walked across the Brooklyn bridge. This was one of the highlights of the trip for all of us for sure. God gave us beautiful weather (sunny and about 60).

Next, we walked to the One World Trade Center. We went up to the 102 floor and experienced an incredible view. Carson is excited to be able to say that he was in the tallest building in the US!

We saw several other highlights AS we walked around…911 memorial, Wall Street/ New York Stock Exchange, the Charging Bull and more.

After all of that walking, we ate at Olive Garden and then hit the M&M store. It was so fun!

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NYC Day 1

Well we have made it to New York City! We drove through the Lincoln Tunnel, which was very cool. We dropped off our luggage, and hit the city. We walked to Carnegie Hall, Trump Tower, Radio City Music Hall, the Rockefeller Center, and Times Square. Our Bellhop recommended a great Irish pub, Hurley’s, and he got us a table. It was excellent.

Then we got to see Wicked the musical on Broadway. Tilda’s family treated us to great seats and we all loved the performance.

We ended the night with the lights of Times Square. We are all exhausted! Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn await us tomorrow, or later today since it’s almost 1:00am. If, that is, we figure out the subway!

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Hershey and Philadelphia, PA

Today was another good day. No rain, which was a little blessing from God. First, we ate breakfast in Hershey, PA. We chose a place based on a recommendation from a friend of Patty’s and it was fabulous! It was called the Hershey Pantry. I had their famous baked oatmeal and also pictured is Carson with his yummy meal. Jennica’s cinnamon roll was AS big AS her plate (sorry no pic of that).

Next, we had to visit the Hershey store, of course. We chose not to do any of the attractions because of time, but we found the store to be quite fun all by itself. Nothing like spending $70 on candy. 🤔 oops!

Then, we headed to Philadelphia. It was a pretty cool city, we decided. We first went to the world’s first penitentiary (yep…the world’s first…not just the first in the US). Eastern State Penitentiary was something that Carson has seen on a TV show called “Mysteries of the Abandoned.” It was something that was recommended to us also because of where Andy works. It was really neat to see the inside and get a small glimpse of what Andy walks into every day.

Then, we headed to lunch, recommended by a local…it was yummy! I wanted a Philly cheesesteak sandwich while we were in Philly! We found a great one at Sonny’s and the kiddos had good food too.

While walking around we found the Philadelphia Federal Detention Center. Andy thought that was cool.

Next we saw some historic must-see places. Ben Franklin’s Grave, the Betsy Ross house, the Liberty bell, Independence Hall, the US Mint (you can watch them make coins- how fun!), plus many others…

Finally, we got to enter our 5th state to see thus far… New Jersey. Here, we met up with my sweet friend, Amanda Mapp. This girl and her sister will forever hold a piece of my heart (and they have ever since I baby-sat them over 20 years ago). I was so thankful to spend a little time with her. ❤️

It’s been a good trip so far. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for safety! God is good.

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Spring Break with Tilda

Day one consisted of driving to Somerset, Pa. we went through Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, and into Pennsylvania. It was a long day of driving! Day two we started at the Flight 93 memorial. It was somber but amazing. For Janine and I (Andy) it took us back to that dreadful day, September 11, 2001. We then drove a couple of hours to Gettysburg. It was amazing! We paid for a private tour in our own personal vehicle and our guide was so good! We highly recommend seeing Gettysburg this way!

We saw a house with a civil war mortar still in it.

And a house that has been hit by a cannon ball!

And a house where you can stick your fingers into bullet holes!

Our guide even took us to a covered bridge that was used by both confederate and union soldiers during the civil war.

We ended our Gettysburg trip with a great dinner at The Dobbins House. Built in 1776 and used for the Underground Railroad!

The kids got to swim, and we are ready for some rest!

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Thank you to those that have followed our adventures through our website! We are happy to say we are home! We had an amazing time, and cannot wait to go back some day, but it is always good to be home. Here are a few pictures that didn’t make the blog… we look forward to sharing with all of you!

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